RM 15

Eric Steinberg

May 15, 2023 Lori Shefa & Garen van de Beek Season 2 Episode 9
RM 15
Eric Steinberg
Show Notes

Hollywood media research guru and super fan of the pod - Eric Steinberg joins us in the bunker!

As the former SVP of research at CBS - he'll pull back the curtain and share the strategic and creative moves that took a so-so -performing comedy called "The Big Bang Theory" and made it into one of the biggest shows on the planet.

We'll also dig into some juicy topics like - how does research differ between traditional networks and streamers? What are the most effective methods for collecting and analyzing audience data these days?  What trends are emerging in terms of audience behavior and preferences?

And because it's Upfront season (and because we just LOVE a fun challenge) we play "guess that cancelled pilot!"

Who knew all this research stuff could be so interesting?  
(Eric, that's who!)

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