RM 15

Marc DeBevoise

March 20, 2023 Lori Shefa & Garen van de Beek Season 2 Episode 7
RM 15
Marc DeBevoise
Show Notes

Accomplished leader in the direct-to-consumer, media, and technology industries...and an excellent secret-keeper, Mark DeBevoise brings his big brain into the bunker and drops a few juicy tidbits.

Like - before there was Disney+ and Peacock...he was behind the creation of a secret streaming service - known only by it's cool code name, "Project Subway." That highly classified project eventually became known as CBS ALL ACCESS...which is now PARAMOUNT+. 

Also - We'll get his thoughts on the current business of streaming...will it ever become profitable?  Will viewers have to navigate dozens and dozens of apps, endure increasing monthly subscription fees AND sit through commercials? Is linear tv dead or does it still have a pulse?

Lastly, Marc downloads us on his exciting new streaming technology company called BRIGHTCOVE, takes a listener question and plays "Finish That Sentence."

We felt much smarter after his visit...bet you will too!

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