RM 15

Vinnie Favale

October 17, 2022 Lori Shefa & Garen van de Beek Season 2 Episode 2
RM 15
Vinnie Favale
Show Notes

We've all heard of The Dog Whisperer and The Ghost Whisperer...but did you know there was a David Letterman Whisperer? His name is Vinnie Favale!  

Funniest guy you'll ever want to meet with hilarious stories about his crazy years working for CBS as the executive in charge of production on the Late Show with David Letterman. With his unenviable position of trying to keep the peace during the infamous Late Night Wars between Letterman and Leno - you'll get a real insiders take on what REALLY went down and how one brilliant marketing move changed EVERYTHING!

We'll also discuss the #MeToo movement - and the dramatic shift in what's considered acceptable humor in the workplace and what can get you "cancelled."

All that and a bag of chips! Check it out!

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